• Integration of catalysts in small combustion plants
  • Free initial consultation at the office location
  • On-site appointments
  • Development of optimization approaches
  • Consulting and project support as well as project management for development and promotion projects at home and abroad
  • CFD flow analysis of combustion processes in 3D models (in cooperation with DBFZ in Leipzig)
  • 3D design of furnaces as well as auxiliary and auxiliary units using CAD software
  • Creation of integration concepts for catalysts in your furnace
  • Selection of catalysts that can be used in biomass combustion
  • Creation of process engineering flow diagrams
  • Design and development of firing concepts including emission optimization and efficiency increase
  • EmTech Engineering

    Your combustion plants do not meet the legal requirements to be expected in the future?
    You need help with optimization?

    In the course of numerous research and development projects, our team has gained experience in the optimization of combustion chambers, combustion control and the integration of secondary emission reduction measures at and in combustion plants. Thus, our team was able to specialize in the execution of research and development projects regarding emission reduction of combustion plants. On this background we are able to offer you the following services.


  • Calculation and design of catalysts for your special application
  • Prototype construction of catalytic converters and combustion chambers as well as catalyst supports
  • Technical investigations at your furnace with and without integrated catalyst for comparative measurements (in cooperation with DBFZ in Leipzig)
  • placement of field test operators
  • Regular consultation with field test operators and feedback to the customer (furnace manufacturer/catalyst manufacturer)
  • Preparation for the approval test according to the corresponding standards and guidelines
  • Accompaniment of the approval test at the relevant test institutes (type testing)
  • Completion of official business
  • EmTech Engineering

    You are unsure about the current situation on the market for combustion plants as well as about developments with regard to legal requirements ?

    Turn to us. We offer you...

    Consultations regarding the legal and normative requirements around biomass furnaces of the 1st BImSchV
    Surveys of operators
    Creation of market studies

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