Integration of catalysts

Catalysts for small-scale combustion systems


We are specialized in integration of catalysts into small-scale combustion systems. Among other things, we offer catalysts that, in principle, can dispense with the use of precious metals. In appropriately designed stoves, this kind of catalysts shows no loss of activity over a stretch of at least two heating periods. This catalysts can be used at high temperatures (up to 800°C). Owing to their temperature resistance, the integration directly into the combustion chamber is possible. This enables a rapid attainment of light-off temperature (temperature at which the catalyst becomes active). Such catalyst have been tailored-made for the use in residential combustion appliances such as stoves and boilers. They serve to reduce harmful exhaust gas components (i.e. carbon monoxide, particulate matter, PAHs, etc.). Excellent conversions for these pollutants can be achieved particularly in the field of wood combustion.