Services for manufacturers of catalysts

Dienstleistungen für Hersteller von Katalysatoren


You are a manufacturer of catalysts and looking for new fields of application for your product?

We offer the following services for manufacturers of catalysts:

  • Free initial office consultation
  • On-site appointments
  • Drawing up of market studies
  • Surveys of operators/manufacturers
  • Development of optimization approaches and project proposals
  • Funding advice for development projects
  • Consulting and project management development projects and support projects (germany and abroad)
  • Advice regarding the legal requirements about biomass combustion systems (1. BImSchV)
  • Patent research / patent specifications
  • Mediation between business partners
  • Mediation between field test operators
  • Periodic consultation with field test operators and feedback to the customer (manufacturer of firing systems/catalyst)
  • Calculation and design of catalysts for specific application
  • Tests on your firing system with and without integrated catalyst for comparative measurements (in cooperation with DBFZ in Leipzig)
  • Testing in accordance with the relevant standards and guidelines