1st Place at the Pellet Stove Design Challenge 2016

Winner Team Wittus and John Ackerly at Pellet Stove Design Challenge 2016 at BNL

ETE participated as "TEAM WITTUS" at the "Pellet Stove Design Challenge" together with DBFZ and "Wittus - Fire by Design". With our "PELLWOOD" stove we won the 1st place! The "PELLWOOD" is able to burn pellets and wood logs and emits extremly low amounts of particulate matter and CO. The "Pellet Stove Design Challenge" was hosted by "Alliance for Green Heat" and NYSERDA and took place in "Brookhaven National Laboratory" in Long Island NY. For more info, check out the press release of DBFZ and the website of Alliance for Green Heat. The Press and Information Office of the Federal Government has also reported on this.